Tools, Parts, & more

This little guy has most every tool you might need on the trail. It packs up small, and even has a bottle opener if you want a post ride refreshment. We love ours, just remember to clean them as dirt, mud, and pocket lint can make it hard to get the tools out if you don't. 

Slick Honey

Slick Honey is primarily used during fork/shock/dropper service, but it is also great to use to keep the stanchions clean and sliding smoothly through the dust wipers. 

Stans Dart Tool

Bacon strips are for breakfast, the STANS Dart has been our go-to for trailside repairs of large tire punctures. The Dart can be pushed into the tire, then pulled out leaving a fabric "flower" that reacts with the sealant to permanently seal the puncture.
Oh... PS. There is a valve core remover tool built into the bottom of the handle. Took me a year to realize that.  

Orange Seal Tire Sealant

Orange Seal Tire Sealant, it honestly took us a while to settle on which sealant we liked best. All of them "did the job", some better than others. Orange Seal was one of those better than others, but what really sold us is how dedicated John is to supporting both his athletes and the community. His mission of keeping racing fun for his team riders aligns perfectly with ours, and so we have fallen in love with his products. Fun Fact. We actually run the Regular Sealant when mounting new tires, and we top off with Endurant for longer last sealant refreshes.